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Safety & Repairs

In case of fire, flood, gas smell, or other imminent danger -- call 911 and get out of the apartment/house. Then call Seneca Murley at 303-875-1555.

For routine repairs we require an e-mail because it helps to keep a record of your request.
Here is a list of the main contractors that we use.  If we send them to your apartment/house they are authorized to do repairs. You may call them directly without our authorization only after 1) you have tried to reach us and 2) you are responding to an emergency.

EMAIL Non-emergency repairs Click Here to Email

Handyman Steve Clements

(720) 979-5816

Plumbing Planet Plumbing, call Steve
A Good Plumber, call Steve
(303) 440-4330
(303) 246-8867

Electrical Tim Marsho Electric, call Tim
Excel Electric, call Corey
(720) 690-2427
(303) 530-3333

IMPORTANT!!  Who's responsible for payment?  If it is a tenant caused problem, the tenant pays. Otherwise Housing Rentals LLC pays.

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